Buy bitcoins without the complexity. We are Australian based to take the risk out of bitcoin purchases for you.

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We Have Made Buying Bitcoins Simple

Why Buy Bitcoins?

Buying bitcoins can be a complex endeavor; we take the headache out of the process for you. We’re the premier ambassador for bitcoins right here in your own backyard, and our goal is to make this digital currency accessible to everyone.

When you buy bitcoins, you’re making an investment into the cutting edge of currency and taking part in the currency revolution. Bitcoin isn’t tied to a central bank or controlled by an organization. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology, to directly connect the merchant to consumer without a middle-man.

When you own and control bitcoins, you are in complete control; you are not trusting a third party with your financial data.

There are many advantages to owning and using bitcoin’s over traditional currencies, one of the biggest advantages is its speed in financial transactions. There is no waiting around for banks, wires, or checks to clear.

Getting your information and personal data stolen when using a credit card is a real possibility, but it’s virtually impossible when you use bitcoin.

We take the hassle out of buying bitcoins. Our customer service representatives stand ready to answer all of your questions, even help you create your first Bitcoin wallet.

Our goal is to be Australia’s premier portal for buying bitcoins, and to be your advocate every step of the way. That is our mission and one we’re very proud of. Contact us via email ([email protected]), phone (1300 BUY BTC) or live support right now and get started today!


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