The Treasure Trove for Anyone Interested in Learning more about Bitcoin is known one of the most used web-based Bitcoin wallet services. But that is not all that you can get from the Luxembourg based Bitcoin company.

Its website also carries a treasure trove of all kind of Bitcoin data. Real time data.

Ok. Given. It is not everyone who is looking for the kind of information available on the website. As a matter of fact, much of the information of the website is of no use to many ordinary users of Bitcoin.

But almost all of us do get these moments when we need a particular kind of information. It may be that you may want to convince a friend of yours that Bitcoin is a serious business by pointing out the largest transactions that have been carried out in it in the recent past.

Or you may be writing a paper or article about Bitcoin, and you want to be exact with such figures as the amount of Bitcoin transactions per second, number of wallet addresses in use every month.

A closer interest to an ordinary user, you may want to find out how serious the problem of unconfirmed transactions is especially with the ongoing debate on the block size scaling.

All this information is available on the website. And it is updated every passing second of the minute.

Of course, is a private business enterprise. It has its own interests. Commercial interests. These might not at all times necessarily match with those of the general public. It follows then that you should use the data it churns out with appropriate skepticism.

Having stated that, has become one of the most reliable sources of raw and refined data on bitcoin ecosystem.

The following are some of the pieces of data that are found on the site:


A stream of latest Transactions

Every transaction that takes place on the blockchain is streamed on the website. The details of the transactions shown include the time of the transaction, origin, and destination wallet address as well as the amount of bitcoins involved.

Block mined

There is also a section on the site that shows the progress of bitcoin block confirmation. The data shared here include the particular details of the block such as its size, number of transactions in it, the time the block is confirmed and the mining pool that is responsible for the confirmation.

Most popular addresses

This is a section that shows the bitcoin addresses that have been used the most to either send or receive funds. This list often almost entirely populated by addresses of online casinos. It is not common for other users to use the same address many times. And even if they do that the frequency of casino is so high to match, anyway.

Largest Bitcoin transactions

Yes, this is a list of the largest transaction of bitcoin. Like the rest, this list is always changing, and the records are broken after every a few weeks.


There are over 25 detailed charts on different aspects of bitcoins that are accessible on the website. The list includes Total Bitcoin in circulation, Market capitalization, Total transaction fees, Number of transactions, Average number of transaction per block and miners revenue.

Other forms of data

Other data available include Unconfirmed transactions, double spends, strange transactions and mining pool statistics. Others are hub nodes, bitcoin node globe, and time between blocks.

To cut a long story short, there is a lot of measurable Bitcoin data that is freely available on Make use of it to find answers to some of the specific questions you might have.


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