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No, you are not charged GST on the spot price of Bitcoin. GST is only payable on our transaction fee and is automatically included. A detailed price breakdown is also sent via email when you lodge an order.
Every time you send bitcoin from one wallet to another bitcoin address, you can pay a small transaction fee to prioritize your transaction. The amount varies. If you are using a Blockchain.info wallet, the transaction fee is set to 0.0001 BTC per-transaction.
Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. When we receive a deposit we send Bitcoins within an hour. We can only accept a method of payment which cannot be reversed after we have sent out Bitcoins, in Australia, the only irreversible payment option is cash.
We send Bitcoins to Bitcoin Wallet Address you provide when you place an order. The address will be 32 characters long eg. “12XTtbb7A1B2Ni4VBRFybCSDDuBHoMkEiL”

Please make sure that the Bitcoin Wallet Address you provide is correct, bitcoin transactions are irreversible.

There are many methods for creating wallets, one of time simplest is blockchain.info. Simply visit their website or download their app and you can create a bitcoin wallet for free in seconds.
A Bitcoin wallet is like a bank account for bitcoins, you must create a bitcoin wallet in order to receive Bitcoins. The easiest way to get started is to sign up for a web wallet like blockchain.info
Different types of wallets have different types of security; there are web wallets, client wallets and Hardware wallets to name a few. We suggest you investigate these different types as they all have advantages and disadvantages.
Every Bitcoin transaction is recorded onto the public ledger, ‘the block chain’, this record is the basis for the entire Bitcoin network, so that every Bitcoin transaction between addresses can be easily identified. The actual Bitcoin address is simply a random pattern of letters and numbers so does not link directly to the owner, but the owner can choose to send them with details linking them back to the user.

Depending on the system used, bitcoins can be transferred securely and privately, or they can be transferred visibly to be deliberately traceable.

Yes, when you make a transaction with us we lock in your buy price (the market rate btc/aud) for 4-hours. If your order expires you must create a new order with a new buy price.
Fill in the form located on our front page, you will then recieve an email with our bank details. Go to the bank and deposit cash (please attach the reference number to the transaction) and we will send out your bitcoins in approximately one hour.

We will occasionally call our customers once payment has been made to confirm their transaction.

We have been in operation since 2014, and have offices in Melbourne, Australia and are one of multiple Bitcoin companies managed by Dominet Digital. We are members of the Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association and host the Bitcoin Professionals Meetup at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Feel free to call us if you have any concerns.

The blockchain is a public ledger showing all transactions in the Bitcoin network. Whenever you buy bitcoins, transfer bitcoins or spend bitcoins, it is recorded in the blockchain.
A Bitcoin Wallet holds your Bitcoin Wallet Addresses, you can have one or multiple Bitcoin Wallet Addresses held in one Bitcoin Wallet. Similar to how a Bank can hold your savings, checque and Credit account’s.
A Bitcoin Wallet Address is between 26-35 characters long comprising of random numbers and letters eg. “12XTtbb7A1B2Ni4VBRFybCSDDuBHoMkEiL”.

A Bitcoin Wallet Address is generated from your Public Key and is located in your Bitcoin Wallet. Your Bitcoin Wallet Address acts as your bank account details for Bitcoin, this is what you need to provide to someone if you want to receive funds.

A Bitcoin Wallet Address will always start with a 1 or 3.

Note that bitcoin transfers are irreversible. So always make sure that your wallet address is entered correctly.

When you want to create a Bitcoin Wallet Address for your Bitcoin Wallet, it is done by generating a Private Key and Public Key.

The Public Key is used to generate Bitcoin Wallet Addresses.

The Private Key is used to prove ownership of the Public Key and generated wallet addresses.

Most web-wallets, like blockchain.info hold and manage your Private Keys for you and secure your account with a password and/or 2-Factor-Authentication. Alternatively you can chose a Bitcoin wallet provider that lets you manage your own Private Keys.

If you call to let us know that you are running late by five minutes, we will process your order. Otherwise if your order is too late we will call or email you for your bank details and will refund your cash deposit.