What is Bitcoin tops Google search trends in 2018

Bitcoin is in many top five lists for Google’s “Year in Search”. Google tracks a huge amount of data, and we can see the results to us through Google Trends. 2018 was a wild ride, and many people did well, even in the bear market, as Google trends would suggest.

“What Is Bitcoin?” In the top searches

Bitcoin was in the news a lot over 2018. Mainstream media often slams Bitcoin, but could this have helped to get more coverage?
Google Trends includes categories for “What is…”. And we have the phrase “What is Bitcoin” as the number one search for the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

“How to Buy Bitcoin?”

The search term “How to buy Bitcoin?” took out the number 6 spot Australia and number 8 in the US. A search term like this being in the top 10 list, suggests buying Bitcoin is a very strong search, and people want to buy.

“Bitcoin Price”

“Bitcoin price” took the ninth spot in Australia. People watching crypto need to know if the price is up or down for the day, week, or month. This search phrase is an indication that people are interested in buying.

Platforms that sell crypto were in the top five most searched terms overall in Australia for 2018. The fact that more people are searching for platforms on which to buy crypto, is suggesting buyers are buying smarter.

2018 search trends suggest people are still wanting to learn about Bitcoin, and that buying is becoming more accessible.
If you didn’t get on the crypto bandwagon in 2018, guess what it’s too late. But there’s still good news, it’s just the right time to get organised for trading in 2019 if you don’t let the opportunity slip by.

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