The Future of Online Purchases Springs From Bitcoin

There are online business models today that fit perfectly and beneficially with the Bitcoin economy. Shareasale, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook have all been stable enough to commercialize their assets into something that are very irresistible to the consumers.

Twitter users have been accepting Sponsored Tweets so the users can leverage their Twitter accounts to spread their influence and reach, and to make sure that they get more noise to their accounts so they can ask advertisers to sponsor their posts. This set-up is the future of the online advertising economy. And how can you make sure that you get the edge when you’re an active user of Bitcoin? Here are the ways.


1. You can’t be tracked

The genius of Bitcoin comes from its paradox. The paradox is like this: you will be traced where you transact your Bitcoin purchase but you can remain anonymous. So you can buy stuff online without worrying about jeopardizing your security. You can purchase items online without the possibility of being profiled by malicious organizations. With the risk of oversimplifying this, it’s safe to say that with Bitcoin, your identity is protected and payments can be verified and trusted.


2. You can mine for money

Jargon aside, Bitcoin is the kind of money you can generate yourself. You do this by mining Bitcoin. You do this by accumulating or crunching data in the online world and processed in your computer. When you do this, you’re helping the Bitcoin economy grow, stabilize and thrive. When you do this, you’re not only generating Bitcoin money, you’re helping more people become more protected.


3. You don’t need bank account data

These days you have to get a bank name or account to transact with the biggest loans and purchases, ranging from smartphones to insurance policies. That shouldn’t be the case for everyone who cannot obtain the employment requisites or tenure time needed to make a loan. With Bitcoin, you can make big financial decisions without a formal bank records. You can obtain products even if you have no backing from banks, savings from the banks or any relation with these institutions.


These three things should guide you that Bitcoin is here to stay and is offering the kind of growth and opportunity pool that Facebook years ago offered people and Facebook well delivered today.

For now Bitcoin remains a some sort of high-scale venture. Later on, as consumer products will be created which focus around Bitcoin as a payment protocol. You will see new products which eclipse today’s online banking services. Bitcoins here to stay, its only a matter of time until you question how we even managed without it.

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