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Bitcoin Segwit2x: How to Keep Your Funds Secure During the Fork

What is a fork and why is it happening?  2017 has been a breakthrough year for cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin leading the way. Bitcoin has seen a huge uptick in media attention, adoption, and reached all-time [...]

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Exploring the Current Landscape of Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin has seen tremendous growth over the course of 2017. While cryptocurrencies remain notoriously volatile, Bitcoin’s rocketing value has prompted a surge in mainstream interest and media attention. As many newcomers enter the cryptocurrency space, [...]

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3 Interesting Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin

As the popularity of Bitcoin, as a currency and as an alternative form of payment for merchants, grows, the list of what we can buy with Bitcoin also grows simultaneously. There are many things we [...]

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Understanding Bitcoin Cash, the Newest Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is an offshoot or fork of Bitcoin (BTC) created by big-block supporters in the Bitcoin community. They launched the fork on August 1, the day Bitcoin improvement proposal 148 (BIP148)—a user-activated soft [...]

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