Movers and Shakers

Bitcoin moves at a rapid pace. Take your finger off the pulse for a few weeks and it can be hard to get back on top of what’s happening. New projects are born, a government somewhere auctions off some Bitcoin, and new people enter the space. For those of us who took Easter off, I thought it would be rewarding to recap what’s been happened in the last few months.


Blockchain and Bitcoin 2.0 projects continue to abound and develop as VC funding continues to flow into the industry.

Abra: The remittance app won launch festival 2015, placing it among previous winners such as Dropbox and Fitbit.

Factom: Launched its crowdsale on the last day of March via Koinify, has raised approximately half a million AUD at time of writing (April 18th).

Stellar: Has released a new whitepaper detailing its new consensus protocol (SCN) this month.

Ethrereum: The project’s launch process is underway, with a roadmap and updates to the way ether is mined:

Corporate & Governance

Australia: Our Reserve Bank has stated it has no intention to regulate Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies whilst the Victorian government is in the process of auctioning off approximately 25,000 Bitcoin seized from Richard Pollard for drug trafficking.

USA: More developments in the trial of Ross Ulbricht as two former federal agents involved in his arrest have been accused of theft and other charges.

China: Bitcoin economy continues to operate, no apparent risk of further government action in the short term:

Russia: Local Bitcoin economy prepares for a ban on Bitcoin, expected in August.

Overstock: The site announces its plans too introduce Bitcoin only sales and discounts on purchases made with the currency.

Goldman Sachs: The bank has recently acknowledged the potential of Bitcoin and other social forms of finance in its Future of Finance report.

JP Morgan: The banks CEO, Jamie Dimon, a well known Bitcoin skeptic, states in the company’s most recent annual report that banks have things to learn Bitcoin and other technologies.

UBS: The Swiss based bank is to open a technology lab in its Canary Warf offices dedicated to exploring the blockchain and its use in financial services.

Rand Paul: The first US presidential candidate to accept donations Bitcoin.


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