Bitcoin Regulation in Australia: Have Your Say, Make a Difference, and Win 0.5 Bitcoins

It’s time to have your say, Bitcoin needs you!

Bitcoin, the technology that will never die. Rather it is very much alive and only beginning to thrive. Its development can be highly attributed to us, the community! We have shown strength and unity through the peaks and troughs that Bitcoin markets have experienced in recent months.

Now we must consider a major factor that will assist with stability in the space that is expected to be developed toward the end of this year. This being a regulatory framework surrounding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Australia is moving to become one of the first countries regulating cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin under its anti-money laundering and financing laws.
This regulation is expected to be introduced in Australia sometime late 2017. Therefore, we would like to invite you to help make a difference and shape the policy by being involved in our short survey.

We’re planning to gather this information and release it to the public as a Market Report on Bitcoin Australia in 2017. Beyond this, the information will be presented to the Australian Government as important market insight for regulation.

You can be a part of the movement by simply filling out our State of Bitcoin in 2017 Survey and automatically going into the draw to win 0.5 BTC!

Click HERE to complete the survey and get a chance to win 0.5 BTC

All participants will remain anonymous, information from this survey will only be released in the form of a condensed analysis, and no individual responses will be disclosed to the public.

One lucky winner will be drawn at random from the participants and contacted via email for their wallet address to receive their reward!

Join us in shaping Bitcoin in Australia!

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