Five Characters You will find on Bitcoin Forums

If you take an interest in Bitcoin, visiting Bitcoin forums such as the Bitcoin sub-Reddit, and Bitcoin Stack Exchange is one of the things you do often. It keeps you up to pace with the fast moving industry trends, if you aren’t checking these forums constantly you will find your out of touch with ‘Bitcoin reality’ in a matter of hours.

One caution though-and a big one for that-these forums are domicile to almost every kind of human character you can think of. Nevertheless, most of the people you will bounce into are nice and friendly. They will always accommodate you whether you spam the forum with silly posts or not.

On the other hand, there are others who might make you regret joining the forums. They may exhibit meanness that exceeds what you’ve ever experienced in the real world. The good news, however, is that the latter category seems to be in the minority. Thus, while things do get heated always, it is rare that you will get into a really nasty encounter.

The following is a list of the top five stereotypical characters you are likely to come across on these platforms:


The diehard


I have to start with this character because it represents the majority of the people on Bitcoin forums. To this character, Bitcoin is perfect in every aspect. Try to point out some of its weakness and you would have blown the trumpet of war right on their ears.

Forum participants of this nature will never give the government or the commercial banking industry the benefit of the doubt. For them, these are evils that the blockchain and Bitcoin were designed to rid the world of. In their hearts, they have sworn to keep the Bitcoin philosophy pure, which at times borders utopia.


The skeptic

The character forms the smallest minority group. It is the opposite of the diehard and, even though people of this character are on Bitcoin forums, they agree with JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon that Bitcoin has no chance to succeed. They may be intolerant of any ‘moon-talk’ but tend to play it safe on the Bitcoin forums given their size as compared to the army the diehards are.

Their position is complicated further by their soft spot for the blockchain while dismissing Bitcoin, the currency that incentivizes the most successful blockchain to date.




The pragmatic supporter


Pragmatic participants are often the ones who have been around longer in the Bitcoin community and have seen this technology mature. They are ready to defend the technology as long as it merits and will always ready to bend when it cannot be defended.

They will only post when it is very important to or as a response to the major developments such as the block size proposals. They are also least pissed off by what skeptics and the mainstream media’s opinions of Bitcoin. This is because they see it as a technology that provides practical opportunities to solve real challenges in the real world. For them, it is not about a philosophy.


The ignorant


All Bitcoin forum participants at some point belong to this category. Because this character has just discovered Bitcoin, is very excited about it, even in the absence of details.

For obvious reasons, these types are often asking questions, some of which veterans find basic to the level of petty. But only because the old guard has seen and responded to them over and over again.





The vulgar & brutally honest


This is the character that finds it seemingly impossible to keep off the vulgar talk. Others could be discussing really serious business issues and out of nowhere they throw in obscenities. They have their noble function, though. They loosen up discussions and allow people not to be too serious. That is often all fine until they start sharing porn and bigotry on the forums.

This character is also closely related to the one that doesn’t allow wrongs to pass without calling them out in brutal honesty. You introduce a product on the forum, they are ready to tell you to your face that the logo sucks.


You may have thought of another character after going through this list. Feel free to share with us in the comments below.


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