Do Bilderberg-like Bitcoin Meetings Go Against Satoshi’s Dream?

The annual Bilderberg meetings, which since 1954 bring together the European and North American political elite, members of the royalty, leading financial entrepreneurs, senior members of the academia and the who-is-who in media, has never stopped spurring controversy. The primary reason that is the case is their secretive nature. While the media is always well [...]

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Is it good or bad for Bitcoin if Governments and Banks unveiled their Own Digital Currencies?

When Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, wrote in 2008 a white paper on implementing a decentralized digital currency, it must have been obvious that this technology would have an uphill task in convincing not only the general public, but also regulators and policy makers, that it was a viable idea. This makes sense [...]

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Why the Chinese Slump Couldn’t Have a lot of Impact on the Bitcoin Price

For some months now the Chinese economy has not been doing well. The value of the Renminbi, the Chinese currency, has been sinking, carrying with it the prices of stocks and derivatives markets to the lowest floors in years. The downward trend came to a head on Thursday, January 7th, 2016. The day turned out [...]

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What is at Stake If Bitcoin Foundation Shuts Down?

As we begin 2016, the possibility of Bitcoin Foundation closing down is turning out to be more glaring to the Bitcoin community than ever before. The long-time front face organization of Bitcoin, which was established by individuals and organizations in the industry  in 2012 to create awareness,  advocacy and development of the Bitcoin protocol, has [...]

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Could Jamie Dimon be Privy to a Grand Plan to Stop Bitcoin?

  In what can best be described as an outburst that follows a long hold back, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon on Wednesday 4th November 2015, while addressing the Fortune Global Forum, declared that it was just a matter of time before governments around the globe cracked on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Jamie Dimon, “Virtual currency, [...]

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A Review of MasterCard’s Opinions on Digital Currencies

A Review of MasterCard’s Opinions on Digital Currencies MasterCard released its report on digital currencies recently, citing its opinions on the potential benefits and risks associated with the use of digital currencies and its associated industry. Before we start, I want to remind you of a quote by Henry Ford "If I had asked people [...]

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Xapo and Taringa! The most important deal you don’t know about.

So what is Xapo you ask? In 2011, Wences Casares bought his first bitcoin. Dissatisfied with the existing bitcoin storage mediums, Wences decided to build his own. Shortly, after he was storing coins for his friends and subsequently businesses. Xapo was soon created, as a security solution for the storage of bitcoins. Security is a [...]

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