Technical Analysis in the Bitcoin Markets

What is Technical Analysis?   Hailed by some as a highly effective tool set for interpreting financial markets and making informed decisions about price behavior, technical analysis can be understood as a kind of data science. Depending on who you ask, it can also be seen as something closer to a form of divination, [...]

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Why the Bear Market is Good for Bitcoin

What is a Bear Market? Many people hear ‘bear market’ and immediately think of red charts, memes of the Titanic sinking, and a general sense of despair and misery. It’s one of those phrases that gets thrown around so much in the cryptocurrency sphere that the real meaning tends to get lost. That’s understandable! [...]

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Does The Bitcoin Price Matter?

Does it matter whether the price of Bitcoin goes up or down and, in so doing, steadily or drastically? This is a question that both the enthusiasts who have invested their souls alongside their worth in Bitcoin and skeptics who are more than excited to hear JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon say that the cryptocurrency is [...]

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Bitcoin and the Grexit

Bitcoin had posted a record 3 months of price stability, remaining in the $220 - $240 USD range. But this was short lived after rallying overnight to $255 USD. Interestingly this has sparked new analysis into factors associated with bitcoins price, many people have cited Bitcoin’s intrinsic value as a topic of debate, recently new [...]

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