Why Bitcoin Users Might not Need Top up Miner’s Revenue after Block Reward Halving

In late May 2016, the Swedish Bitcoin Mining firm KnCMiner filed for bankruptcy. “Effectively our cost of coin – how much we produce the coins for – will be over the market price,” Sam Cole, the firm’s CEO explained. As KnCMiner broke the sad news to the world, the price of Bitcoin was [roughly] $480. [...]

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The Treasure Trove for Anyone Interested in Learning more about Bitcoin

Blockchain.info is known one of the most used web-based Bitcoin wallet services. But that is not all that you can get from the Luxembourg based Bitcoin company. Its website also carries a treasure trove of all kind of Bitcoin data. Real time data. Ok. Given. It is not everyone who is looking for the kind [...]

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Do Bilderberg-like Bitcoin Meetings Go Against Satoshi’s Dream?

The annual Bilderberg meetings, which since 1954 bring together the European and North American political elite, members of the royalty, leading financial entrepreneurs, senior members of the academia and the who-is-who in media, has never stopped spurring controversy. The primary reason that is the case is their secretive nature. While the media is always well [...]

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James D’Angelo; Bitcoin Mining is Centralizing in the Worst Possible Places-China

Bitcoin mining, a process of verifying and adding transactions to the blockchain for a reward in the form of newly released bitcoins, is the bedrock of the Bitcoin network. It determines what records should be included into the blockchain and which ones are not valid. As you would expect, those who control the computers that [...]

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Coinbase CEO; Block Reward Halving will Drive Bitcoin Price Down

If you had the opportunity to ask each member of the Bitcoin community what is most likely to have positive impact on the price of bitcoin in 2016, unanimously they would tell you the halving of the block reward. Almost everyone expects a tremendous upsurge when that happens, in July 2016. Not so fast, says [...]

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Xapo Severs Links with Blockstream Because ‘Things Have Changed’

Blockstream, a bitcoin startup that is building blockchain solutions, has become a standard feature in the ongoing Bitcoin block-size scaling debate. It is almost impossible to have a talk around the subject without the company popping up somewhere. As a matter of fact, the mere mention of the startup in forums such as the Bitcoin [...]

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Could Coinbase Shift Debit Card Be Bitcoin’s Killer Service?

There was an air of expectation in November 2015, when Coinbase announced a partnership with Shift Payment to offer Bitcoin users a debit card that would work everywhere Visa is accepted. “We want to make it easy to buy and sell bitcoin, and we want to make it easy to spend,” Adam White had told [...]

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Is it good or bad for Bitcoin if Governments and Banks unveiled their Own Digital Currencies?

When Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, wrote in 2008 a white paper on implementing a decentralized digital currency, it must have been obvious that this technology would have an uphill task in convincing not only the general public, but also regulators and policy makers, that it was a viable idea. This makes sense [...]

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Why the Chinese Slump Couldn’t Have a lot of Impact on the Bitcoin Price

For some months now the Chinese economy has not been doing well. The value of the Renminbi, the Chinese currency, has been sinking, carrying with it the prices of stocks and derivatives markets to the lowest floors in years. The downward trend came to a head on Thursday, January 7th, 2016. The day turned out [...]

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It Should be Obvious that The Libertarian Ideology is not Bitcoin’s Identity

In December 2013, Jim Edwards a founding editor of Business Insider UK, penned an article entitled Bitcoin Proves The Libertarian Idea Of Paradise Would Be Hell On Earth. In it he described how a society that has Bitcoin as its main currency will be dysfunctional. Boss-class of criminals assassinating people they don't like with impunity (with [...]

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