What is Segregated Witness (SegWit)

There is a new buzz word that is being dropped in an increasing frequency at Bitcoin forums and meet-ups. The word is SegWit. If you haven’t come across it, then there, I've dropped it. Even if you hadn’t come across it through this blog post, I promise, you would have learnt about it somewhere else, [...]

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Is the Blockchain Linux Foundation is Building the Real Deal?

On 18th December 2015, Fortune and other mainstream media outlets broke the news to the world that Linux Foundation was leading a project to build a Blockchain that will be better than the one that powers Bitcoin. And that several technology companies and banking institutions have joined it in this endeavor. The project, which has [...]

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Does The Bitcoin Price Matter?

Does it matter whether the price of Bitcoin goes up or down and, in so doing, steadily or drastically? This is a question that both the enthusiasts who have invested their souls alongside their worth in Bitcoin and skeptics who are more than excited to hear JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon say that the cryptocurrency is [...]

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Tipping through Bitcoin; the New Social Experience Online

  There is no doubt that Bitcoin has the potential to significantly alter how we interact, especially online. Micropayment or tipping happens to be one of the services built around the cryptocurrency that promise to do this. As a matter of fact, there is so much interest in online tipping that startups in the space [...]

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Smartbit: Australias first and fastest Blockchain Explorer

SmartBit.com.au launched recently with an innovative blockchain explorer, the first Australian based service providing the fastest blockchain exploration to date. They have built a service which focuses on Australians, this means that if smartbit isn’t go to blockchain explorer, it probably should be. Any blockchain query you might have will be validated by their service [...]

Part 1: Is Bitcoin becoming the world’s greatest private meta-data organization?

Bitcoin is often held as the messiah of transparency, freedom and liberty. Its fundamental innovation, a ledger without a ‘single point of failure’ has been herald to bring new levels of trust and security towards systems of accounting and record keeping. By removing the need for a central authority to protect and manage data, P2P [...]

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Cryptosteel: Bitcoin cold storage

Cryptosteel: An indestructible bitcoin cold storage system. 15 days ago a project was started on IndieGoGo, 24 hours later the project was listed it had received 50% of its funding. 14 days later the project has reached 200% of its funding and still has another 15 days to go. Cryptosteel is one of the fastest crowdsourced Bitcoin projects [...]

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What Are DAO’s and DAC’s?

That’s a good question. And it remains to be comprehensively answered. Even within the wider crypto- community, the spaces between the buzzwords “Decentralised applications” (“DAs”), “Smart Contracts”, “Decentralised Organisations” (“DOs”), “Autonomous Agents”, “Artificial Intelligence” (“AI”), “Decentralised Autonomous Organisations” (“DAOs”), and “Decentralised Autonomous Corporations” (“DACs”), are grey.  Before we can even agree on definitions, questions such [...]

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Xapo and Taringa! The most important deal you don’t know about.

So what is Xapo you ask? In 2011, Wences Casares bought his first bitcoin. Dissatisfied with the existing bitcoin storage mediums, Wences decided to build his own. Shortly, after he was storing coins for his friends and subsequently businesses. Xapo was soon created, as a security solution for the storage of bitcoins. Security is a [...]

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