How Bitcoin Transaction Fees Are Determined

Every time you send value over the Bitcoin network, you should include a small fee for miners. The amount of the transaction fee you pay is largely your decision. But the more you attach, the faster your transaction is likely to be included in the next block and confirmed on the ledger. Centralised payment [...]

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Could Coinbase Shift Debit Card Be Bitcoin’s Killer Service?

There was an air of expectation in November 2015, when Coinbase announced a partnership with Shift Payment to offer Bitcoin users a debit card that would work everywhere Visa is accepted. “We want to make it easy to buy and sell bitcoin, and we want to make it easy to spend,” Adam White had told [...]

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The Future of Online Purchases Springs From Bitcoin

  There are online business models today that fit perfectly and beneficially with the Bitcoin economy. Shareasale, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook have all been stable enough to commercialize their assets into something that are very irresistible to the consumers. Twitter users have been accepting Sponsored Tweets so the users can leverage their Twitter accounts to [...]

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Why You Should Accept Bitcoin at Your Online Store

  If you are an online merchant and have heard about Bitcoin, probably you’ve wondered why you should include it as one of the payment options your customers can use to checkout. Probably there are not many customers currently asking to pay with the decentralized digital currency. That notwithstanding, Bitcoin is a technology worth your [...]

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Ways to Shop with Bitcoin

It is true that the number of merchants that have Bitcoin as one of their payment options is on the rise. However, still the majority of stores and establishments both online and offline, including large internet based retailers such as Amazon and eBay, do not accept it. This inconveniences holders of bitcoin. Moreover, this situation [...]

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4 Misconceptions About Bitcoin That You Should Know About

We’ve read that Bitcoin is the new way of paying for things online. We’ve learned that people are increasingly accepting the value of Bitcoin, and even in resorts primarily located outside the main centers of commerce, Bitcoin has been progressively accepted as payment for products as local as beer, room accommodations and even fruits! Yes, [...]

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Understanding Bitcoin in 4 Simple Steps

Let's break it down in the simplest terms: Bitcoin is what you can use to purchase products and services online. Among many things, Bitcoin is money. Digital money. By digital, we simply mean the kind of money people use online to purchase books, gadgets, clothes, accessories, DVDs, the money used to order pizza. Everything purchasable [...]

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Making Sense of the Block Size Debate

  For the last few months, the Bitcoin community has been struggling to find consensus on how to scale the rate at which the bitcoin network confirms transactions. As the urgency to find a solution grows, so does the intensity of the deliberations. In this blog post, we seek to make sense of this debate [...]

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