What is Bitcoin tops Google search trends in 2018

Bitcoin is in many top five lists for Google’s “Year in Search”. Google tracks a huge amount of data, and we can see the results to us through Google Trends. 2018 was a wild ride, and many people did well, even in the bear market, as Google trends would suggest. “What Is Bitcoin?” In the [...]

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Australia’s Power Ledger Brings Blockchain Technology to the Energy Grid

At the core of Bitcoin is its unique way of organizing and storing transaction data, called the blockchain. While there are various iterations of it, this technology is a central aspect of almost all cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin pioneered the concept of the blockchain, paving the way for a multitude of innovative projects both within and beyond [...]

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What is Happening with Igot Doesn’t Define an Industry

It was rumors at first. It isn’t anymore. It is now confirmed that Igot.com, a Bitcoin exchange headquartered in Australia with three other regional offices around the world, is having cash flow difficulties and customers aren’t sure whether they will get back the money they invested through the company. For several days now, a login [...]

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Smartbit: Australias first and fastest Blockchain Explorer

SmartBit.com.au launched recently with an innovative blockchain explorer, the first Australian based service providing the fastest blockchain exploration to date. They have built a service which focuses on Australians, this means that if smartbit isn’t go to blockchain explorer, it probably should be. Any blockchain query you might have will be validated by their service [...]

BuyaBitcoin has joined the ADCCA

BuyaBitcoin are now members of the Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association The ADCCA is a membership body which provides representation for Digital Currency Businesses and helps voice their opinions towards the Government and Financial Service sectors. We believe the ADCCA is important for developing Bitcoin in Australia as they act “As the Australian Digital Currency [...]

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How to Deal with CryptoLocker and other Ransomware

Ramsonware, the latest and greatest computer virus, it holds your files hostage and demands you pay up. CryptoLocker, CryptoWall and TorrentLock are becoming more and more prevalent; without preventative measure they leave the user with one choice, pay up or lose your data. Interestingly these types of attacks have been targeting Australians. Australia is the [...]