3 Interesting Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin

As the popularity of Bitcoin, as a currency and as an alternative form of payment for merchants, grows, the list of what we can buy with Bitcoin also grows simultaneously.

There are many things we can purchase with bitcoins today especially with the introduction of Bitcoin debit cards and ATMs available all around the world. Many major merchants are directly starting to accept the currency.

In this post, we will look into the 3 most interesting and perhaps unusual things that can be bought with Bitcoin:


Properties & Land (Real Estate)

real estate bitcoin

Did you know that there is a website wholly dedicated to Bitcoin users to trade, purchase, and sell properties and lands all around the world? Simply visit Bitcoin Real Estate and you will be able to check various properties and pieces of land available for sale. From spectacular penthouses at Panama Islands to rural tourist facilities in Australia, many property and land owners are offering their assets at discounted prices for bitcoins! If you are willing to list your property or land through the website, you will need to pay a one-time fee of US$15.


Tesla Model 3

tesla car

Back in April 2016, Mason Borda, the CTO of GenLife, successfully ordered a Tesla car (model 3) with Bitcoin. Although he used a Bitcoin debit card service (ShakePay) when purchasing the car, this event has been recognised as one of the most historical moments of the currency within the Bitcoin community along with the Pizza purchase and Alpaca Socks purchase. This is largely due to the fact that it serves as a great reminder that anything is purchasable with Bitcoin. After all, it is a currency and not just an investment vehicle. As the list of things we can buy with Bitcoin grow, so does its acceptance as a legitimate currency. Mason states that the entire process of purchasing the Tesla Model 3 took less than 60 seconds with no credit checks involved or waiting for credit cards to arrive in the mail.


Flight Tickets

buy air tickets with bitcoin

With Bitcoin debit cards, anything is now purchasable with bitcoins as proven by the story above – well, as long as they accept Visa cards. The exponential growth of Bitcoin’s popularity and acceptance as an alternative form of payment is speeding up the process of major merchants accepting the currency. As such, there are many airlines which directly accept payment in bitcoins. AirBaltic is the first airline to have started accepting payments in Bitcoin by teaming up with BitPay. This was followed by LOT Polish Airlines, Virgin Galactic, and Peach Japan Airlines. Additionally, there are many travel websites directly accepting payments in Bitcoin. These include websites such as: Bitcoin.Travel and CheapAir.com. Thinking about booking your holiday with Bitcoin? There’s no time like the present!


Note: We are not in any way related to the websites listed above. Your own due diligence is essential when it comes to making financial decisions and we will not be held liable for any decisions you make or have made as a result of reading this article.


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