Do Bilderberg-like Bitcoin Meetings Go Against Satoshi’s Dream?

The annual Bilderberg meetings, which since 1954 bring together the European and North American political elite, members of the royalty, leading financial entrepreneurs, senior members of the academia and the who-is-who in media, has never stopped spurring controversy. The primary reason that is the case is their secretive nature. While the media is always well [...]

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What is Happening with Igot Doesn’t Define an Industry

It was rumors at first. It isn’t anymore. It is now confirmed that, a Bitcoin exchange headquartered in Australia with three other regional offices around the world, is having cash flow difficulties and customers aren’t sure whether they will get back the money they invested through the company. For several days now, a login [...]

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James D’Angelo; Bitcoin Mining is Centralizing in the Worst Possible Places-China

Bitcoin mining, a process of verifying and adding transactions to the blockchain for a reward in the form of newly released bitcoins, is the bedrock of the Bitcoin network. It determines what records should be included into the blockchain and which ones are not valid. As you would expect, those who control the computers that [...]

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