Could Jamie Dimon be Privy to a Grand Plan to Stop Bitcoin?

  In what can best be described as an outburst that follows a long hold back, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon on Wednesday 4th November 2015, while addressing the Fortune Global Forum, declared that it was just a matter of time before governments around the globe cracked on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Jamie Dimon, “Virtual currency, [...]

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Five Characters You will find on Bitcoin Forums

If you take an interest in Bitcoin, visiting Bitcoin forums such as the Bitcoin sub-Reddit, and Bitcoin Stack Exchange is one of the things you do often. It keeps you up to pace with the fast moving industry trends, if you aren't checking these forums constantly you will find your out of touch with [...]

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Does The Bitcoin Price Matter?

Does it matter whether the price of Bitcoin goes up or down and, in so doing, steadily or drastically? This is a question that both the enthusiasts who have invested their souls alongside their worth in Bitcoin and skeptics who are more than excited to hear JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon say that the cryptocurrency is [...]

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