Altcoins: The What, How and Why

  Before 2008, the only digital currency anyone outside of 'cypherpunk', an online group of cryptography experts and enthusiasts, could evision is figures arbitrarily entered next to customers name in a bank’s database. The idea of a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic form of money was by all accounts alien. That changed on 31 October 2008 when [...]

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Tipping through Bitcoin; the New Social Experience Online

  There is no doubt that Bitcoin has the potential to significantly alter how we interact, especially online. Micropayment or tipping happens to be one of the services built around the cryptocurrency that promise to do this. As a matter of fact, there is so much interest in online tipping that startups in the space [...]

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The Future of Online Purchases Springs From Bitcoin

  There are online business models today that fit perfectly and beneficially with the Bitcoin economy. Shareasale, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook have all been stable enough to commercialize their assets into something that are very irresistible to the consumers. Twitter users have been accepting Sponsored Tweets so the users can leverage their Twitter accounts to [...]

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Why Mining is Not for All and Sundry Anymore

It is almost like there is no new Bitcoin convert who does not express an interest in joining Bitcoin mining. It is understandable why. The lure of getting a reward that is convertible to thousands of US dollars for just leaving a machine run nonstop is too strong to resist. That Bitcoin mining is a [...]

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Why You Should Accept Bitcoin at Your Online Store

  If you are an online merchant and have heard about Bitcoin, probably you’ve wondered why you should include it as one of the payment options your customers can use to checkout. Probably there are not many customers currently asking to pay with the decentralized digital currency. That notwithstanding, Bitcoin is a technology worth your [...]

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