Part 1: Is Bitcoin becoming the world’s greatest private meta-data organization?

Bitcoin is often held as the messiah of transparency, freedom and liberty. Its fundamental innovation, a ledger without a ‘single point of failure’ has been herald to bring new levels of trust and security towards systems of accounting and record keeping. By removing the need for a central authority to protect and manage data, P2P [...]

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Bitcoin and the Grexit

Bitcoin had posted a record 3 months of price stability, remaining in the $220 - $240 USD range. But this was short lived after rallying overnight to $255 USD. Interestingly this has sparked new analysis into factors associated with bitcoins price, many people have cited Bitcoin’s intrinsic value as a topic of debate, recently new [...]

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A Review of MasterCard’s Opinions on Digital Currencies

A Review of MasterCard’s Opinions on Digital Currencies MasterCard released its report on digital currencies recently, citing its opinions on the potential benefits and risks associated with the use of digital currencies and its associated industry. Before we start, I want to remind you of a quote by Henry Ford "If I had asked people [...]

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Cryptosteel: Bitcoin cold storage

Cryptosteel: An indestructible bitcoin cold storage system. 15 days ago a project was started on IndieGoGo, 24 hours later the project was listed it had received 50% of its funding. 14 days later the project has reached 200% of its funding and still has another 15 days to go. Cryptosteel is one of the fastest crowdsourced Bitcoin projects [...]

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