Xapo and Taringa! The most important deal you don’t know about.

So what is Xapo you ask? In 2011, Wences Casares bought his first bitcoin. Dissatisfied with the existing bitcoin storage mediums, Wences decided to build his own. Shortly, after he was storing coins for his friends and subsequently businesses. Xapo was soon created, as a security solution for the storage of bitcoins. Security is a [...]

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Gambling and Bitcoin

Online gambling has become increasingly popular in the 21st century, with the industry tripling in size since 2005. Despite this surge in popularity, those wanting to gamble online (in countries where it is legal) still have to go through a lengthy, archaic process with their credit cards or bank accounts before they can wager real [...]

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Factom is Bitcoin 2.0

Factom, the open-source, non-profit organization with the latest and greatest development for Bitcoin beyond currency. Factom has built a data layer on top of the bitcoin blockchain, opening the doors to the infamous bitcoin 2.0. The project currently in beta, represent the long awaited infrastructure where currency is not the point, it data.

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How to Deal with CryptoLocker and other Ransomware

Ramsonware, the latest and greatest computer virus, it holds your files hostage and demands you pay up. CryptoLocker, CryptoWall and TorrentLock are becoming more and more prevalent; without preventative measure they leave the user with one choice, pay up or lose your data. Interestingly these types of attacks have been targeting Australians. Australia is the [...]