Is Bitcoin Centralisation a good thing?

In 2008, Satoshi created the Bitcoin protocol with trustlessness as an inherent, critical property of its network. Decentralisation is essential to achieving this goal. Decentralisation gave the Bitcoin network the resilience to survive its earliest stages of development from niche-geek-toy to a sophisticated financial network, withstanding price bubbles, manipulation and attempts to ban it. Decentralisation [...]

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Bitcoin the Technology, Not the Currency

Bitcoin, the elusive technology, emerged from the shadows on the 22nd May, 2010 with the first, real-world transaction in exchange for 10 000 bitcoins to a staggering all-time high price of $1216 USD 30-months later. Created by a mysterious figure, barely understood by most, Bitcoin has remained revolutionary as a technology, risky as a currency [...]

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ABRA, could this be the “killer app” we’ve all been waiting for?

Earlier this month, Abra took out the overall prize at San Fransisco’s LAUNCH Festival 2015. LAUNCH is recognised as one of the tech industry’s biggest startup competitions, with dozens competing and launching every year. Behind Abra is Bill Barhydt, a former Netscape director, who unveiled the project after months of silence. His presentation laid out [...]

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Tipping with Cryptocurrency

We hear lots of discussion about Bitcoin’s use cases; how it’s going to change our relationship with money, how it’s going to remove friction from remittance markets, how it will improve legal frameworks, the list of “potentials” is extensive and its one of the reasons why so many people are excited about Bitcoin’s future. One-in-particular [...]

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A Centrally Issued Cryptocurrency: The good and the bad

Issuing a Cryptocurrency by a national Central Bank is a difficult challenge, although Iceland and Ecuador already have their own. If implemented incorrectly it has the potential to cause systemic damage to the entire financial industry. The rewards are great; bottlenecks and compartmentalization within the existing system could be completely eradicated creating an internationally viable and streamline [...]

21 inc. Bitcoin: What do they have up their sleeve?

Bitcoin is known by the general public as a digital currency, useful to transfer money over the internet and known as the currency of choice over the ‘deep web’ made famous by Ross Ulbricht and his site Silk Road. But dubbing bitcoin as ‘a suspicious anonymous cryptocurrency’ is incorrect and misleading; it’s something much greater. [...]

What do the Academy Awards have to do with Bitcoin?

At the 2015 Academy awards Citizen Four won the Oscar for Documentary Feature. The film is comprised of excerpts recorded by Laura Poitras during Edward Snowden’s exposure of the US intelligence organization National Security Agency’s illegal surveillance activities. Edward Snowden proved that the NSA was gathering mass-data globally on ordinary citizens without consent. This data [...]

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In memory of Adam Tepper

In memory of Adam Tepper 13 Feb 1981 – 26 Feb 2015 Last week the Australian Bitcoin Community lost one of our outstanding members. Adam Tepper died in a tragic motorbike accident while holidaying in Thailand last Wednesday. Adam was CEO of the Sydney, Australia based bitcoin exchange, Independent Reserve. Aged 34, Adam’s influence in [...]

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Banks and bitcoin – Are we starting to witness the capitulation?

Have we started to see the capitulation of Bitcoin by the big banks in the last few weeks? Only yesterday the Bank of England openly stated “Bitcoin revolution could be the next internet” after performing their own research. The Bank of England has stated that bitcoin technologies “combined with mobile technology, may reshape the mechanisms for making secure [...]

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