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Bitcoin SV (BSV) Now Available!

We are pleased to announce we are now offering Bitcoin SV for sale, available from today! BSV, or Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (SV), is available to buy online with POLi or Credit Card (and debit [...]

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Technical Analysis in the Bitcoin Markets

What is Technical Analysis?   Hailed by some as a highly effective tool set for interpreting financial markets and making informed decisions about price behavior, technical analysis can be understood as a kind of [...]

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How Bitcoin Transaction Fees Are Determined

Every time you send value over the Bitcoin network, you should include a small fee for miners. The amount of the transaction fee you pay is largely your decision. But the more you attach, [...]

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Why the Bear Market is Good for Bitcoin

What is a Bear Market? Many people hear ‘bear market’ and immediately think of red charts, memes of the Titanic sinking, and a general sense of despair and misery. It’s one of those phrases [...]

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